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Xmas brawl

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Xmas brawl started out as a simple 1v1 snowball fight game based on a tutorial by the YouTube creator gamesplusjames and some inspiration from my childhood. The game and me has grown over the years with countless small iterations here and there and is now in its final form.

Xmas Brawl now supports up to 4 players locally, has several special items that the players can pick up to rapidly alter the course of the game. The game also includes 4 maps for the players to battle in. 

Menu system & UI

Programming a menu system when the main source of input is controllers proved to be quite challenging but I got it working using the old Unity Input system with a custom menu script.


Everything from levels, characters and UI elements are all created by me using the pixel art tool Aseprite.

Movement & Input

The game consists of several actions;


The jump mechanic works by adding a fixed upwards force value to the player and then subtracting that upwards force faster if the player decides not to hold the jump button down.


The code reads the input on the x-axis and applies it in a fixed update method to make movement feel smooth.


Reloading works by detecting downward input and playing an animation where the player have to stay still in order to regain their 3 snowballs.


Shooting works by reading fire button input and then creating a snowball at the player's position. In order to add more skillful shots and avoid self-collisions the players current x-velocity is added to the base snowball speed.

Character Actions


Sprite sheet

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