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tech design

3 weeks








Neon Surf is a surfing third person character game with the main mechanics including railgrinding and diving to avoid obstacles.

Collaborating with programmers

During this project my role as a technical designer was to have an open communication between the designers and programmers. This meant I had to spend a lot of time with the programmers discussing code and how to implement features presented by the designers.

Menu system & UI

Programming and implementing a consistent menu system for fading transitions and managing win conditions was one of my tasks to relieve work load from the programmers.


Making a high score system where the local best time is saved between game sessions was also something I implemented.

Core gameplay mechanics

Rail-grinding is a mechanic I implemented which takes advantage of an imported Beziér curve add-on. Making the player be able to slide along a meshed beziér curve.

I also worked on the coin pick-up system taking advantage of Unity playerprefs to save data between sessions

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