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This page covers the progress and my contributions to an Arena Shooter
project made in Unreal Engine 5.0.3

Note that this project is work in progress and will get updates as the game gets more content.

My contributions as of now:

-Weapon Systems
-Techincal Gameplay Features

Game Concept

This project serves as a place to experiment with different features in the scope of an arena shooter.

Modular Gun System

My main task for this project was making the weapons. In order to accomodate for the games planned 4 types of guns different base-classes for each gun had to be made. Let's break down the guns into their core-parts.

The pistol 

This is the most basic form of line-traced based weapon in this game. The pistol acts as a base for the other line traced guns such as the Shotgun and Auto Rifle.

When making this base I made sure to
expose the important values so they could be tweaked and adjusted in relation to game feel and balancing.

Making a smaller and less powerful gun such as a pistol made making a 
slot-system to support the player equipping both a primary and a secondary weapon important.


The Automatic Rifle

Using the pistol as a base I could easily tweak the guns fire rate to match the one of an automatic rifle. I did however have to make adjustments to the way the player sends inputs in order to support holding down the trigger.

This gun also supports recoil wich is based of a math formula I made to make sure the recoil also is tweakable.


The Shotgun

Making a shotgun meant fireing several line-traces at the same time. For this I made a formula to add a kind of spread to the bullets that could easily be tweaked.

With the shotgun I decided it would be a good idea to have the headshot damage multiplier tweakable as the gun could end up being too over powered unless that value is adjustable.


The Burst Rifle

With this weapon I wanted make a unique middle ground between the pistol and automatic rifle. I achived this by changing the firing type to actual travelling projectiles affected by gravity.

With this gun I got feedback that the player couldn't easily distinguish the guns and their properties so I made sure to update the UI to support gun icons as well as ammo count.


Level Tools - Doors & Keys

Something discussed for this project was having doors and keys. I made sure to make a system that could easily be expanded upon and or reworked due to how early in the process we were when this started.


When coding the door and lock system I needed to decide how the keys would work. I settled for a system where the player picks up a key with a color value, in turn that key will be able to unlock doors with the same color value. This gives the designers a lot of options when working with the system.

If the player picks up a red key then they can unlock doors with the same red color code.

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